Jesse’s story part 1

MARCH 14, 2019

So y’all are gonna be reading a Super Rough Draft

I’ll be continually editing it until its finished. I’ll need all the help I can get so together we will write Jesse’s story ok? His Story will tell the World about Jesus !!

And I can’t imagine a greater legacy than that!

Team Jesse is Team JESUS!

Thank you all for being here to read my story of how I met and how we knew Jesse. He always made our hearts beat a little faster. And when we were with him it always felt like we had a big piece of heaven with us!

This will take a while to write but eventually it will be his story, my story, Our Story!

With lots of help from his family, his friends (new and old) and all of you, I’m convinced we could easily make a documentary of his life. I’m getting lots of people willing to help

We’re even planning on going to Uganda. We want to meet his friends there. He had friends all over the world. Jesse’s life will never be forgotten, in fact John 24:12 talks about the wheat seed and if the seed doesn’t die than the growth can’t come. That’s how we saw him live and I believe that’s what he would want the message of the gospel to continue to grow. Growth in heavens garden. Planting of more seeds and more growth for the Kingdom of God. He lived 100% for God and wanted people to know God’s love the way he knew it. So he lived it! He showed it and he spoke it.

In his 32 nearly 33 years of living on this earth he touched more lives in five months laying in that hospital bed then most people will touch in an entire lifetime. Its an absolute honor and a privilege to tell you about the Jesse we knew and more importantly the Jesse we WILL See Again!

~ So we’ve only known Jesse for two years but it might as well have been a lifetime. In fact it will be for eternity!

*Once upon a time, A tall, slim, casual, free-spirited man walked into the warehouse with a beautiful young elegant asian woman. Who are they? I wondered. It wasn’t surprising that new people we’re coming to our Wednesday night gathering. It’s what we hoped for and what everybody was encouraged to do, to invite new people to our Wednesday night group.

We met in Igor‘s warehouse, it was the only place we could meet at the time and it worked ! We had started meeting at the Kona pier and usually Aaron and sometimes John and Bryson would bring their guitars and we would worship together at the bay. There was always a handful of us gathering together. Don would bring food for us and for the homeless and sometimes the homeless would share food with don and then he would share it with us

(kona style).

Anyway, we got invited to meet in a furniture warehouse by Igor, so on this particular wed night, Just as the worship music started playing, I had walked up to this young man and young lady as they were entering the warehouse, we locked eyes and The first thing that came out of my mouth was Wow! Then he said to me, wow with his Jesse smile and as I looked at him I saw the face of Jesus! Later I heard from someone who said it was like we were looking in a mirror because he said to me “you have the Holy Spirit all over you” and I said “So you do” And we both laughed! Literally this young man radiated Gods love! I felt like Jesus had walked into the warehouse that night. Clearly there was something special about this young man . Everything about him was love, compassion, kindness and he shared this to everyone he talked to. Jenny was the young lady that was with him. She was so gentle and kind. She had the most beautiful smile. I wondered if they were a couple and I was dying to ask but I knew that would be rude. I had a million questions. Where are you both from? Are you two at ywam? I asked. He just smiled and gave that jesse chuckle and said, “you might say that”. I learned later that he was with mission builders, it’s part of the volunteer program ywam. I knew a little bit about the Kokua crew (mission builders) because my friends Victoria and Angela were also a part of it.

In fact, Victoria and Jenny were roommates so that’s how Jenny knew about our missional community (Mc) group. It’s always interesting to me to learn the back story. I don’t believe in coincidence so to me everything has a purpose and there’s always a reason.

It seemed at the time like Jesse had been there for years but I found out that we all had arrived on the Big Island about the same time. Jesse came from Maryland to join his sister Abby for her 34th birthday. And Ken and I arrived just a couple of weeks later on January 18, 2017. A group of us from Portland Oregon had decided to move to the big Island and seek out what the Lord would have for us there. So one by one over the next few months we each arrived in Kona. All in all there were 14 of us all that had eventually moved to the Big Island (and that’s a whole other story).

I’ve always said life is too short not to live on an island at least once in a lifetime. We discovered so many reasons to live in Hawaii, And then we had all of that summed up into one word. Jesse!

to be continued ….



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Annette Cardoza

Annette Cardoza


I was a hospice nurse and transitioning into procuring plants. I no longer care for the sick. I’m now taking care of me. Learning to live amongst the living.