Heaven Sings for you.

I’m halfway to heaven.

One foot in, one foot out.

Earth is where I stay now, but Heaven is my reality.

I was already halfway to heaven before my husband died. As I get older, more and more of my beloved friends and family members have entered Paradise. But very recently, with my best friend there, I feel it more real now than ever.

For the past nearly 4 decades, Ken and I talked often of heaven. He loved reading. He especially loved reading the bible. He always wanted to learn more. I remember he always talked about what heaven is like. He would talk about the gifts we all have here on earth. And he would say, “why will it be any different in heaven?” If we loved to bake here, we would bake there. If we were skilled builders here, we will build there. If one of our favorite things to do here was hike and fish then we will hike and fish there. Do you sing here on earth or do you wish you could sing? Then guess what? Etc.. The list is endless and we talked about it endlessly. He was a beautiful artist here on earth and so I can only imagine what he draws and paints there. He hasn’t stopped singing, painting, cooking, hiking. He’s not gone but has only just changed his address. As will be with you and I, if we know Jesus.

I’ve always had a wild imagination with flowers. Every time since a young girl I always wished flowers never had to die. I recall a particular day, taking a walk on a fresh spring day in a lovely neighborhood. I saw the most beautiful flowers and blooming trees. I asked Jesus if He would save these lovely flowers for me and replant them in a garden for me in heaven. Now so many years later. I can only imagine the garden waiting for me there. Ken and I always agreed we would meet at our garden. After awhile, it wasn’t just my garden anymore, it became OUR garden. Every time one of us saw a beautiful foliage we asked if it could be a forever plant in our heaven garden.

What do you love, what do you do here on earth that you love? What will your garden look like? We will meet you there!

The Father is welcoming you with arms wide open. This is our homecoming.

Heaven sings for you, Heaven cheers for you. Heaven prays for you.



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Annette Cardoza

Annette Cardoza

I was a hospice nurse and transitioning into procuring plants. I no longer care for the sick. I’m now taking care of me. Learning to live amongst the living.