Eternal life

Hey, when it comes to salvation. Life afterwards?

Can we agree that it doesn’t need us to believe in it for it to exist. So whether we believe it or not, it still exists. And can we agree that whether or not you believe in heaven, if there is such a place, then wouldn’t it be a serious matter to consider?

Either way, let’s continue to have discussions together about what we believe?

Meaning, ideally let’s keep listening to each another as we take turns sharing our various perspectives on life here, and life there. In heaven as it is on earth.

I don’t want to try to be ‘convincing’. To me that just feels pointless.

I would much rather continue having good conversations with you and learn to understand both of our view points as we take turns listening to what the other has to say.

Can we do this?

I think we can both agree that it’s not very effective to try and convince anybody of anything if it feels like a persuasion instead of a good conversation. Also, if it ever seems like there is some type of personal gain, (you know like how a used car salesman tries to make a deal on a car and his motive is his commission, and his job is to try and persuade the customer that he has the best deal on the lot).

Guaranteed I don’t want to be like a used car salesman looking for a commission and I have nothing to gain by persuading you or anybody else to believe what I believe about Eternal life. There is nothing in it for me. Except peace of mind that you will be with the King in His Kingdom.

I feel that anytime we are having these deep conversations, it’s good to know the motive of the other person. In other words, I cannot think of anyone more suitable than me to share with you what I hold most valuable in my soul. And because it is of such high value to me I would want you to have it too. It is the assurance of an eternity in heaven together.

That’s my only motive and it is literally from the bottom of my heart.

I think if you can see that the motive in my heart comes from the purest of motives that I simply just don’t want you to miss it.

And if you can understand that if what I believe is true then please try to imagine what this looks like from my perspective.

And so perhaps we can have more conversations?

I gain nothing from being persuasive, except that I am so convinced Eternal life with Jesus is of the utmost value. The highest value known to man. It’s valued at more than anything we could ever live for or believe in.

For you this may not be true.

For me this is truth.

One thing for certain is that a mother’s heart and a Grandmother’s heart is no match for a random dude on a car lot. Or any random person for that matter.

A random person doesn’t love you more than me.

And I don’t love you more than God loves you. And that is precisely why I don’t need to convince you of anything.

I look forward to us continuing this conversation again sometime?




I was a hospice nurse and transitioning into procuring plants. I no longer care for the sick. I’m now taking care of me. Learning to live amongst the living.

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